Key Club Participates in Pennies for Patients Campaign

Cody Saltsman is Steubenville High School graduate who gave back to the community by participating in the Key Club during all four years of high school, serving as a senior representative during his final year. In his time working with the organization, Cody Saltsman engaged in a wide variety of community service, including such as Pennies for Patients, a benefit drive devoted to raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, one of the Key Club’s numerous charitable contributions.

Pennies for Patients was founded in North Carolina in 1995. The organization encourages students in schools around the country to compete in collecting coins of all values as a challenge. The class from each school that collects the most change wins a pizza party. Schools with the top collections earn additional prizes, such as sports equipment, computers, and other electronics. More than 10 million students throughout the country participate in Pennies for Patients annually over the campaign’s three-week period.

The Key Club participates not only in Pennies for Patients, but also in numerous other charitable causes, such as the Salvation Army’s Bell Ringing program, whose participants collect money for those in need throughout the holiday season. For more information, visit


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