Swimming Safety for Dogs

An animal lover and animal rights activist, Cody Saltsman enjoys spending time with his two family dogs. In the warm-weather months, Cody Saltsman takes the opportunity to swim with one of his dogs.

Many dogs love to swim, but it falls to the owner to keep the dog safe in the water. To achieve this, an owner should first realize that his or her dog does not necessarily swim well. All dog owners should bring their dogs to shallow water and test their swimming abilities before attempting to swim with them in deeper pools. The owner should also determine whether he or she can pull the dog back to safety if the unexpected occurs.

Owners should plan to swim with their dogs and should take care that the dog does not swim away too far. Because many dogs will swim until they exhaust themselves, owners should watch the dog for fatigue and ensure that the dog knows how and where to get out of the pool. Furthermore, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the swimming area is safe and that the dog seems contented. If a dog seems fearful or reluctant, an owner should not request that the animal swim.


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