Organizing a Canned Food Drive

Humanitarian Cody Saltsman dedicated much of his high school career to aiding others through initiatives such as raising money for a local family that lost their home and daughter, teaching elementary school students how to read, and collecting money for children with leukemia and lymphoma. Cody Saltsman also participated in canned food drives, such as those hosted by the Salvation Army in honor of Veteran’s Day.

When developing a canned food drive, organizers need to make several decisions to produce a successful event. The first involves choosing an organization that will serve as a base for collecting boxes and distributing the food. The website contains an extensive list of relevant local entities around the country. Organizers must then select what food they want to obtain. While many food drives will accept most nonperishables, others might place a greater emphasis on more healthy or culturally appropriate options.

Once these initial matters are arranged, the organizers must determine how to implement the drive. Depending on their goals and resources, they might choose between a single-site drop off or multi-site drop offs. Moreover, they may set up donations at an event that will have a lot of attendees, such as a sports game or a fair. Finally, they must advertise the food drive, which can be done through flyers, the Internet, and traditional promotional techniques.


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