New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

A student athlete, Cody Saltsman has played varsity football throughout his years at Steubenville High School. When not playing, Cody Saltsman has enjoyed following the games of the New Orleans Saints and his favorite player, Drew Brees.

A leading quarterback in the National Football League (NFL), Drew Brees has had an impressive career and won numerous accolades since he started playing for the New Orleans Saints in 2006. He played college football at Purdue University before entering the NFL draft in 2001. Selected by the San Diego Chargers as the first pick in the second round, Brees stayed with the Chargers for five years and played well.

However, his most notable career highlights, which include being named Offensive Player of the Year and the league’s Most Valuable Player, has been with the Saints. The quarterback led the team to victory during Super Bowl XLIV and is only the second player to achieve more than 4,000 passing yards in eight consecutive seasons. While quarterbacking for the Saints, Drew Brees has exceeded 38,700 total passing yards and made 3,356 completions, of which 283 were touchdowns. He currently holds a win-loss record of 80-47 during the regular season and 6-4 in the postseason.


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