Endurance Drills to Improve Football Performance

A high school senior at Steubenville High School, Cody Saltsman has been a member of organized football teams for six years. The recipient of several accolades for his athletic achievements, Cody Saltsman has received invitations from universities to play football at the collegiate level.

Among the leading traits of a good football player is a high level of endurance. To build agility and stamina, a player can incorporate running drills, such as sprints and hill running. An acceleration sprint, for example, involves starting at a slow pace and gradually picking up speed until the individual has reached his or her maximum running capacity. Typically performed within a distance of 55 yards on a flat surface, acceleration sprints build strength, endurance, and speed. Furthermore, acceleration sprints reduce the potential for injury.

Hill running, on the other hand, is completed on an inclined surface and maintains a pace between a quick jog and sprint. The exercise has two variations. The first is running up a hill at a consistent pace and walking back down after reaching the peak. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a hill run can begin at the top and challenge the individual to control his or her running down a hill. Both build endurance and muscle.


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