Benefits of High School Athletics

Cody Saltsman is in his fourth year at Steubenville High School. Throughout his schooling, Cody Saltsman has been active in a number of athletics, playing baseball for 12 years and football for six on different school teams.

There are many benefits to playing sports in high school, and many of these extend far beyond the actual game. Students can:

1. Build strong relationships. Playing team sports allows students to make deep connections with teammates and come into contact with positive mentors.
2. Represent a community. Competing in traditional rivalries between communities can be a great honor for student athletes.
3. Avoid bad choices. Practice and games lead students to have less time to participate in risky behavior.
4. Improve academics. Sports can reduce stress and teach time management skills which can make for better grades in school.
5. Develop leadership skills. Athletes gain leadership skills as they advance in grade and move through the ranks of the team.


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