American Humane Society Second Chance Fund

In addition to fulfilling his high school academic obligations, Cody Saltsman follows through on his beliefs in strong communities and committed service to worthy causes. With an enduring commitment to animal welfare and rights, Cody Saltsman performs such good works on behalf of animals as donating food to and visiting animals in his local animal shelter.

In its relentless drive to provide care for and to end the suffering of abused and homeless animals, the American Humane Society (AHS) provides a host of services and programs, as well as educational resources, aimed at ending animal abuse. AHS programs, like the Second Chance Fund provides financial resources to animal agencies around the country.

Animal welfare organizations need as much financial help as they can get. To offset the significant cost of providing homeless and abused animals with the attention, the feeding, and the medical care they desperately need, the AHS Second Chance Fund helps with rescue, care, and re-homing activities. Overwhelmed with requests for aid from agencies across the nation, the Second Chance Fund must limit its assistance to rescue groups and animal sheltering agencies, and to select cases that meet exacting criteria.


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